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    professional insurance, radiation protection training, discover all the advantages HERE....

    Medical Physicist and AIFM

    Discover more about who we are and what we do.

    How to become a Medical Physicist

    The study path to become a Medical Physicist

    To be a medical physicist in Italy and abroad

    Indications on the practice of the profession of medical physicist

    Find a job!

    Job opportunities for a Medical Physicist

    AIFM Blog

    AIFM public Blog

    AIFM Reports and Documents

    Report, Guidelines and Policy Statements


    The ideal space to ask your questions directly to the Medical Physics specialists

    Hot Topics

    Radiation Protection Committee

    Radiation Protection Committee

    Documents and Reports of the Committee for Radioprotection in Healthcare

    Caldirola School

    Access to the Caldirola School, course materials and archives

    Educational Events

    The agenda of training events organized, sponsored or recommended by Aifm

    Graduate Schools

    Information and news regarding the Schools of Specialization in Medical Physics

    research committee

    Research Committee

    Activities, Office Grant, Research tools

    Young AIFM

    Young AIFM

    Who we are, what we do, documents

    Physica Medica

    European Journal of Medical Physics

    Physica Medica, European Journal of Medical Physics, provides an international forum for research and reviews on the following main topics: Medical Imaging, Radiation Therapy...


    The AIFM Reports and all the Documents and Studies by the Italian Association of Medical Physics

    La tua opinione per noi conta!

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    Medical Physicist learns as to answer

    Contents to guide, especially in specific sectors, to answer the questions posed to medical physicists

    Recreational space

    Virtual Museum, History of Physics in Medicine, Impressions from courses and events, Photogallery, Nerd's Corner (games, challenges, curiosities...)