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AIFM - Conference Venue Napoli - Official language : English

The fourth edition of the Course “Predictive Models in External Beam Radiotherapy” will be held in the amazing city of Napoli (Italy) from 25 to 27 March 2019. This international course is organized by the Italian Association of Medical Physics (AIFM).

The aim of the course is to bring the important news in predictive modelling in Radiotherapy up to date, as well as to overview the state-of-the-art of modelling approaches.
Experts in the eld will provide comprehensive contributions on thepersonalization of treatment, the improvements of knowledge on dose-volume relationships for different organs (including an update of the quantitative data available in the literature).

In addition, new and important issues will be addressed.
Among these, pre-clinical research on animal models, voxel-based approaches to analysis of radiation induced toxicity and treatment failure and survival, the integration of clinical/genetic/imaging parameters in prediction models, the application of predictive models in planning and adaptive radiotherapy.
Finally, needs and modalities for data sharing in outcome modelling will be discussed. Together with advanced topics, the course retains important contributions regarding the basics of radiology applied to radiotherapy and the “traditional” NTCP and TCP models.

The course is aimed at all professionals in the eld of radiationoncology who are interested in acquiring a comprehensive overview of the modeling issues, both in terms of updating their knowledge and of methods. This includes radiation oncologists, medical physicists, data scientists and clinical/pre-clinical researches.

Area organizzativa: 
Congress Centre Federico II - Aula Magna
Via Partenope, 36
Lunedì, 25 Marzo, 2019 - 09:30 to Mercoledì, 27 Marzo, 2019 - 16:30